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The Curious Sun, Moon and Stars in Our Everyday Life

The Curious Sun, Moon and Stars in Our Everyday Life The world is formed by water, air, land and fire. The sun, moon and stars revolve around us. Have you wondered about how much of an influence the luminaries have over you? Well, yeah, there is great strength that stars and planets have over us, […]

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The Power of Women

The power of women When we’re little and we’re a little chubby, everyone tells us we look super cute, we are so beautiful and adorable… “There is nothing like babies or little girls who look adorable with their cute outfits. They look so nice”, some say… We hear these words and comments from our parents […]

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La Fuerza de la Mujer

La fuerza de la mujer Cuando somos niñas y somos “gorditas”, todos nos dicen que nos vemos hermosas, que somos lo más tierno y lindo que hay. “No hay nada como unos bebés o niñas gorditas qué simpáticas y tiernas se ven”, dicen algunos… Vamos creciendo y escuchando estos comentarios de nuestros padres adultos los […]

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El Vestir

El vestir!!! Muchas veces uno se pregunta, ¿qué me pongo hoy? ¿cómo salir a la calle a trabajar? Cuando uno trabaja en un consultorio o empresa donde necesitas vestir el uniforme, dices por lo menos “no tengo que pensar en qué ponerme hoy”. Para mí eso es una gran desilusión La realidad es que nuestro […]

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Looking Good…

Looking good and dressing yourself… Many times, one wonders, what am I going to wear today? What in the world, am I going to wear to go to work? When one works in a doctor’s office or a company where you have a uniform, at least you can say “ok, today I don’t have to […]

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