Martha Duran

Martha Duran is such an amazing designer. Her inspiration for design is so obvious when you look at the handcrafted designs. It's a work of art!

Take a look at our latest line from Martha that includes jewelry based out of Cali, Colombia where you will find jewelry that will melt your heart! It's so adorable to see how the fitted bracelets make your attire complete. Whether you're looking for a simple bracelet for your every day attire, something a little more elegant, or just a bracelet to impress your man, you will find great options. What I love the most about the Martha Duran line is that there's something for everyone and all of the designs are carefully selected and planned. There is simply nothing else like it. 

I also love how Martha takes the time to design the pieces and artisans in Colombia hand-make each and every single piece. Every thread and bead is put together with love. If you know Colombians, you know how lovable they are! Even their accent is adorable. They're truly genuine people who love people and love to help. Because of people like them, the bracelets resemble a great ambiance and a great feeling when you're wearing them!

The 2018 collection is ready and underway! I'm so proud and happy to share with you these designs, I'm sure you'll love them!

Guadalupe Designs LLC

Guadalupe LLC is a company whose mission is protect the environment and to preserve the conventional techniques of the Tyra Aja artisans. Through empowerment and creativity, the company promotes talent and dynamic vision.

I love the message that Guadalupe Designs is trying to bring across - to empower artisan while promoting and preserving their traditions. All of that can be appreciated by their line which is led by artisan designs. Another amazing attribute of this company is the name. As it was founded by faith loving people, the name originated from the Virgin of Guadalupe.

The handbags and jewelry that can be found on the shop are carefully selected. I hope you join us by supporting these artisans while you shop for an amazing and fashionable accessories. 

Take a look!


Mishky has been in existence for over 10 years. Mishky in the Quechua language, a language from Native tribes, means sweet. As a brand that is passionate about fashion, artisan techniques, blending different materials, the name exemplifies what Mishky does - a brand with social responsibility.

What I love about Mishky is that they train mothers who stay at home with their children in low income areas. They provide all the training to give them a skill - being an artisan. Every bracelet is made with love from an artisan who is given an opportunity to create their own economies. The most important aspect of the company is the social responsibility, which is what I'm aligned with as well.
Not only is the brand's mission existent throughout their designs, the bracelets, necklaces and even earrings are one of the most fashionable. No matter what color bracelet I wear, I'm always stopped because it is just so beautiful and different. This line is NOT your typical jewelry line, it's an artisan work of art.

Since I've been representing Mishky for several years, pretty much since it started, I wanted to also point out that 2018 is a new year for Mishky. It has amazing designs that are so different from what we were used to. It's keeping up with the latest fashion trends and the line is as beautiful as ever with more vibrant colors and different materials.

Take a look at my shop and starting browsing and shopping Mishky products, just click here!


The EMML brand is the newest brand to the site. It is an inspiration of accessories that I follow throughout the world.

The EMML brand is unique and most of the products that I select are simple, yet elegant. This brand was created with the purpose of offering something different to our costumers so that you can have a wide selection of products and accessories.

My favorite part of this brand is how each piece can be used for so many events. It reminds me of my daughter Miriam who loves to wear simple, yet beautiful pieces. It is for the kind of woman (or man) who likes to dress well, but doesn't want to break the bank. The person who loves simple things that are so cute when they wear it.

Take a look at my shop and take a look at the beautiful pieces.